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Lean manufacturing In Footwear Industry

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Vrunda Consultancy Services (VCS), a leading lean manufacturing consultants in India , based in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) with its branch offices in various cities in India offers consultancy services to manufacturing and service industries for Lean manufacturing and lean implementation services. The company VCS, is backed by experience team of qualified Industrial engineers with vast experience in the domain of Lean Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering.

The company recently provided total solution for lean manufacturing in footwear industry the aim and the objective was to increase the productivity my successfully implementing lean manufacturing in the footwear industry.

Strategic deployment of lean

The strategy being employed for XYZ Footwear is the introduction of Lean Manufacturing & Operational Excellence processes and techniques to:-

  • Develop their manufacturing capability and capacity, in step with Marketing Plan.
  • Reduce the quality risk and late delivery of pairs supplied to Retail and other customers.
  • Implement techniques for continuous improvement to help manufacturing remain competitive.
  • Develop their capability for self-sustained processes.
  • Develop mutually beneficial and efficient relationships up and down the Supply Chain.
  • A Benchmark Index exercise and a (VCS) review of operations have been used to agree current performance, better understand delivery and quality capabilities, and set Key Performance Indicators and targets.
  • Lean manufacturing / Operational Excellence tools and techniques have been introduced via a series of tailored coaching sessions and implemented through on-site shop floor projects, to deliver practical improvements.
  • Enable suppliers to develop their own suppliers, by cascading lean Improvement teachings and learning further down the supply chain.
  • VCS mentoring and coaching the change with the senior managers and shop floor workforces to improve management capability.


Tools & Techniques being employed

  • 5s programmes
  • Establishing New Method of Working, Line Balancing
  • New ergonomic work stations & shop floor layouts.
  • Factory visual flows and floors.
  • Single Piece Flow.
  • Establishing Production Norms
  • Machine operational availability studies (OA).
  • Multi-Machine Manning, Multi-skilling.
  • Inputs and outputs controls of W.I.P. on the shop floor.
  • Machine and Work Cell planning.
  • Quick Changeovers.
  • Machine utilisation improvement techniques.
  • T.P.M. Total Productive Maintenance Programmes for Machines.

Early Results
1.    Overall Annualised Saving of INR 2.0 Cr (estimated based on 3 months data)
2.    Improved throughput from 60 Pair/Hr/Line to 75 Pairs/Hr/Line for Sandal Mfg
3.    Improved throughput from 40 Pair/Hr/Line to 50 Pairs/Hr/Line for Shoe Mfg
4.    Improved Productivity from 1.6 Pairs/Man-Hr to 2.1 Pairs/Man-Hr for Sandal Mfg
5.    Improved Productivity from 0.8 Pairs/Man-Hr to 1.0 Pairs/Man-Hr for Shoe Mfg
6.    Improved O.T.I.F of 73% - 85% across all three plants
7.    Reduced rework from 11% to <2%
8.    Re-layout & balancing resulted in freeing up of approx. 30% space for additional Lines
9.    An improved awareness of XYZ’s service requirements
10.    Lean way of thinking within the management teams and shop floor workers
11.    Sustainable processes and controls
12.    Tidy and safer working environments
13.    Employee engagement at all levels in the businesses
14.    Suppliers working with XYZ at operational levels to improve the total supply chain in terms of service, quality and cost

VCS has also undertaken similar projects for lean manufacturing implemetations in various footwear giants in India (RELAXO FOOTWEAR)

visit the official website of VCS to avail any information pertaining to Lean Implementation / Lean Manufacturing consultancy serices

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