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Guidelines For Line Balancing Process

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Line Balancing

Balancing of Line is essential to make the operational flow of sequences smoother as compared to the previous layout. There are some rules of line balancing that should be followed as a guideline for line balancing techniques

Considering working distance, type of machines and efficiency. Workers who have extra time after completing their works, have been given additional work to maintain the index time. 

Guidelines for Line balancing

  • Arrange all the process in operational sequence.
  • Mention their cycle time (CT) & manpower deployed in front of them.
  • Suggested output rate at which the line needs to be balanced is 90 Pairs Per Hour.
  • This gives us the Index Time (Required Cycle Time) of  20 Sec / Odd (40 Sec / Pair)
  • (60 Min in One Hr X 60 Sec in One Min/90 Pairs = 40 Sec / Pair)
  • This means that all the processes in the sequence should have 
  • Cycle Time Below or equal to 20 Sec
  • The Pulse rate of our Line is 20 Sec.
  • Identify the processes that are Below 15 Sec and Above 32 Sec.
  • For the processes, where CT is above 32 sec, a duplicate station should be added
  • Processes with CT Below 15 Sec should be combined in a way that the Total CT after combining the  processes should be less than or equal to 22 Sec.

Rules for Line balancing Process

  • Line balance = (Total Work Content / No. of Stations X Max CT)
  • Total Work Content = Sum of all CTs
  • All stations should have CT which is at least 80% of Required Rate CT
  • For Example, this means, for sandal line, Min CT should be 16 Sec.
  • Line should be balanced only for Main Line Activities. For Sub Assemblies, the work content should be balanced to support main line.
  • For Example, Velcro Cutting, Strap Stitching etc are off line sub assemblies, which should be done by the team of operators and the output should match the 20 Sec CT of main line.

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