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Lenovo Plans to Launch Laptop With Flexible Screens

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Lenovo, new series of Laptop with stunning technology that can stir the Laptop market. As per the tech experts Lenovo launched a new seriis pf Laptops at an event held in New York. With this the the screen of the Laptop is folbable and user can use this foldable the device by turning the screen in any way.

This can be considered as next generation Laptops with foldable screens. According to tech experts, the Lenovo company is doing research on such laptops. The screen of this laptop of Lenovo can be folded in any way. The user will be able to run it or move from one place to another. The screen of this device can be easily folded on the key board. The content seen on the screen of this laptop is absolutely real. This new product of the company will be equipped with many cutting-edge technologies and great features. It is difficult to tell when the company will start work on this product and users are waiting to see this laptops on stands for end users and it commercial use.

This type of display will be the only device in the market. Therefore it is possible that the demand in the market will be very high. Equipped with new types of display and high end features, Lenovo can increase its market share of Laptop segment with this technology. Prior to this technlogy the Laptops with totating screen did generate a substantial new market in Laptop segment, the 360-degree Foldable laptop keyboards and display. The new technology with flexible screen that can be rolled be the first device whose screen will be foldable.

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