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Sony Accused of Embezzling $154 Million, Strong Action Taken By US

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Sony Accused of Embezzling $154 Million, Strong Action Taken By US

The US has taken major action against Tokyo-based Sony. Sony is accused of embezzling $154 million. After the complaint was filed, the FBI conducted an investigation based on which law enforcement seized those funds.

The United States on Monday filed a complaint against Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. The complaint has been filed against Sony for returning $154 million allegedly siphoned from a subsidiary. Giving information, the US Justice Department said that the investigation of the case was handed over to the FBI. After this, taking the matter seriously, confiscation action was taken. The US Department of Justice reported that the case was processed by law enforcement only on December 1 based on an FBI investigation.

The department said in a statement that Ri Ishii, an employee of Sony Life Insurance Co Ltd in Tokyo, allegedly embezzled assets in May. Ishii then converted this fund into over 3,879 bitcoins. The department says that currently the value of funds converted to bitcoin is more than $180 million in the market.

Transaction rules broken

According to a complaint filed in the Federal Court for the Southern District of California, Ishii made a fraudulent transaction. Also, breaking all the rules, he went against the company rule and transferred the fund. The court noted that Ishii transferred the funds to La Jolla Bank in California and converted them into bitcoin.

Law enforcement seized funds

At the same time, while giving information, the US Department of Justice said that all the stolen bitcoins have been recovered. The court noted that the FBI had already started the investigation. Those funds were confiscated by law enforcement on December 1 itself, based on an FBI investigation. Funds are completely safe. Accused Ishii has been booked under criminal charges in Japan.

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