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Former minister claims, was removed from the post due to being Muslim

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Britain's Conservative Party is in difficult times. Prime Minister Johnson's lockdown parties are under investigation. Now a former woman minister has alleged that she was removed from the minister's post because of her belief in Islam. Was. Conservative Party MP Ghani claims, "I was told by a government whip that my Islamic stance was making other allies feel uncomfortable. There was also concern that I was not loyal to the party and that I had Islamophobia (fear of Islam)". Didn't do enough to save the party from the allegations" Ghani said that "it was clear to me that No. 10 (British Prime Minister's Office - 10 Downing Street) and the whips judged me more than the rest because of my background and beliefs." had placed high standards of loyalty to him." Ghani's claim has added to the difficulties for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson, who is facing severe criticism for organizing parties at home against Kovid rules, has ordered an inquiry into the matter. A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office said that Ghani met the Prime Minister in the year 2020. The Prime Minister had asked to make an official complaint.

But then Ghani did not file a complaint. On this, Ghani says that the Prime Minister had talked about taking help of the internal process of the Conservative Party. According to Ghani, it was a matter related to the government, which there was no point in taking it to the party. "All I wanted was for their government to take this matter seriously, to properly investigate and ensure that no other ally has to suffer," she said, favoring the party whip, the government's chief whip Mark Spencer. Revealing his identity, he said that "MP Nusrat Ghani has mentioned me only. But the allegations leveled by him are false and defamatory. I have never said the things Nusrat is speaking. It is disappointing that when this is the case. When I spoke to Ghani, he refused to pursue the matter for an official investigation in the Conservative Party." The Conservative Party said in a statement that it was against any form of racism or discrimination. Many ministers and leaders in support of Ghani Many MPs of the Conservative Party have supported Ghani. In these, Education Minister Nadeem Jahabi has said that there should be a detailed investigation into the matter.

Caroline Knox, chair of the Parliament's Women and Equality Committee, and Health Minister Sajid Javed are also in support of Ghani. Ghani was elected to parliament in 2015 from the Wealden region. In 2018, he was made a deputy minister. Then the Prime Minister of the country was Theresa May. Chris Grayling, who was then the Minister of Transport in the cabinet, called Ghani's election a success of the Conservative Party. It was said that the Conservative Party is such a party where opportunities are available. But some critics describe the party as having an anti-Muslim bias during Prime Minister Johnson's tenure. Johnson himself compared the hijab to a mail box in 2018. Conservative Party Before Ghani, another Conservative Party MP, William Rag, has accused party whips of intimidating MPs to keep supporting the government.

Raag said that he will soon meet the police in this matter. In the past few weeks, the internal cracks of the Conservative Party have come to the fore. Some Conservative Party leaders have demanded Johnson's resignation after organizing parties during Kovid. A senior bureaucrat Sue Gray has been appointed to investigate Johnson's parties. The report of this investigation is expected by next week. If anything is found against Johnson in this, then the demand for his resignation may become more intense. The matter can even escalate to a no-confidence motion against Johnson and he has to step down. It will also be a challenge for Johnson to take necessary action in the case of Nusrat Ghani. RS/OSJ (AFP, Reuters).

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