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Business Branding & Promotion Plans

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Industrial News Offers a total web promotion plans for manufacturers, suppliers, traders and exporters of various Industrial Products.

The promotional marketing activity not only promotes the brand but also provides a deeper penetration of the market for the products that are being promoted.

Features Provided

A. Listing of individual product profile on industrialproduct.in

  1. 10 listing of individual product profile on web based industrial product directory services, exclusively for industrial products. Each listing of product profile come with detail product profile write up of the product with one product image displayed on the profile.
  2. Image gallery of the products on product profilewith slide show and zoom image features
  3. PDF catalog of the product as an attachment for download
  4. Each product profile is provided with community website syndication plugin, to share the product profile on various community website
  5. postal contacl details

Cost of each product profile with above features is Rs 2500/ year ( minimum of 10 profile total cost Rs 25,000)

B Business Profile On Locatorbiz.com

  1. Detail business profile of the company
  2. Online contact us page mapped to the email id of the subscriber
  3. Logo or company
  4. community website syndication plugin, to share the product profile on various community websites
  5. Postal Contact Details

Locatorbiz.com is 15 years ol online Paid business diretcory website with detail business profile listing and many features. Cost of one business profile listing on locatorbiz.com under the advertisement section is Rs 5,000 / Year ( Banner size 120px × 40px)

Cost of Banner for one month on locatorbiz.com Rs 5,000/Month

C  Promotion on industrialnews.in

Company profile listing under the sponsor section of industrialnews.in, website of the company or any associated website will be linked with

banner linked with the website posted on the company profile page on industrialnews.in

banner on the home page of industrialnews.in under the current month sponsor banner size (118px X 88px) 

Cost of sponsored articles on industrialnews.in Rs 5000

Cost of Banner on the home page under the current month sponsor is Rs 7500

D Promotion in print media RNI registered news paper INDUSTRIAL NEWS TIMES

One article about the company will be printed in any one month issue of the Print media

One Balck and white advertisement of the company 2 COL

D  Advertisement in Industrial News Times (Printon industrialnews.in

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