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IndustrialNews.in is freelancer journalism for freelancer from diversified industrial background to publish their reviews and articles on the online news portal. The news portal aims to provide quality news and various research paper for its dedicated audience base. The articles are received by the freelance writers / bloggers / journalists from various industrial and educational backgrounds.

Sections on website

EVENTS: This section basically targets to cover various industrial events and trade fair. This section also covers government events and activities related to various joint venture and global tie ups in the benefit of the nation.

BUSINESS NEWS : Covers various business related news or must read topics. The business news sections generally covers topics to various business activities pertaining to different businesses.

INTERNATIONAL NEWS : What’s happening around the globe in different industrial news or economical policies that directly or indirectly has some impact on Industries. International news sections tries to bring the International news about various industries and various policies that can leverage Indian Industries

INDUSTRIES : News and policies pertaining to various industries that are beneficial for the audience looking for various news for specific Industri

Quality Policy

We try to maintain the quality of the articles by appointing freelances journalist and bloggers.

INDUSTRIAL NEWS TIMES: Montly circulated news paper coverinf various industrial news. The news paper is registered with RNI (Registrar of Newwpaper of India)  with registration Number MPENG/2015/60714.

Freelance Writers/Contributors

WE maintian a community of freelance writers and journalist who regularly contribute to website. The freelancer are apointed by the editororial panel of the "INDUSTRIAL NEWS TIMES", Freelance writer can apply for being a contributor and their application will be processed, if eligible and approved by the editorial panel of the news paper.

can also be published on the montly circulated NewsPaper with Newspaper title "INDUSTRIAL NEWS TIMES"

To apply for freelance contact editor
email : editor@industrialnews.in

All personal information of the contributors are only provided with the consent of the contributor, names, personal information and contact details is never shared without the consent of the contributor