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Unlimited Web Hosting Plans Are A SCAM – Look For Genuine Hosting Plans

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Unlimited Web Hosting Plans Are A SCAM – Look For Genuine Hosting Plans

Scams come in different forms and shape in the web hosting industry. The most popular one doing rounds since long is UNLIMITED HOSTING PLANS for PEANUTS. I will highlight few points why these plans are nothing short of SCAM.

Unlimited storage space – This comes with many conditions. You can only host files that are relevant to your website. If you store irrelevant files, your account can be deleted without notice, or you will be warned and asked to delete files. If that’s so, then what use is that UNLIMITED storage space for? Just a SCAM – a Red Flag number one.
Unlimited data traffic – This is a second red flag. Because, you will never be able to use the unlimited data traffic because your site will be restricted on number of concurrent connections to web server, number of simultaneous connections to database, number of I/O cycles, CPU usage, RAM usage etc. So, if everything that can really help in achieving unlimited traffic, and then how can you use unlimited traffic ever? This is nothing but a SCAM.

You can be very sure that even if your website becomes slightly active, you will start getting notices and warnings about resource usage. That’s why none of these plans offer UNLIMITED “Resource Usage” that is the most important parameter to use the unlimited data traffic. Will they ever provide UNLIMITED RESOURCE usage but limited space and data traffic? The answer would be a Big NO in 100 out of 100 cases.

Ask yourself – Will these companies that offer these unlimited everything plan host Google.com which is just a single page website? Or are Google techs out of their mind to host 20,000+ servers just for dishing out search results?

So, think again. Never fall prey to such offers as they are nothing less than a SCAM. There’s no such thing as unlimited storage as there’s no storage device with unlimited bytes on this planet. There’s no CPU with unlimited cycles on offer and there’s no ram with unlimited bytes – as of now.

So when you get a spam mail or you visit a website which says UNLIMITED, just ask them name a company that manufactures a storage device with UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE OR Name a Genuine Bandwidth Provider that provides UNLIMITED  Bandwidth......if they can’t name any-- you can pull up your socks...

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