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Human Resource Information System: What is it?

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Human Resource Information System: What is it?

A Human Resource Information System popularly known as HRIS is a combination of human resources and information technology. This combination empowers HR function to perform their day to day activities accurately and systematically. HRIS is also known as HRMS (Human Resource Management System).

A HRIS or HRMS is a software solution for HR function to automate and manage their day to day activities such as Employee Master, Time office, Leave Management, Payroll, Exit Management etc.

Does HR require a software solution?
The basic purpose to have software is to ensure accuracy, eliminating duplication of work, data warehouse, retrieval of record, MIS, comparison reports etc.

In the light of the above facilities HR function undoubtedly requires software support to manage its various domains such as Leave Management, Time Office, Payroll, Exit Management, Recruitment, Training, PMS etc. accurately and systematically.

Few of the benefits can be line up as under:

  1. Automation helps to bring accuracy in regard to Time Office, Leave Management and Payroll related activities else to speed the work else it would be a great deal for HR function to do it manually.
  2. Elimination of duplication helps to enter employee details only once and it gets reflected to modules like Payroll, Leave Management, PMS, Training etc. without reentering the data.
  3. Data Warehouse is one of the key function wherein all information related to employee, their payroll, growth in the organization, transfers etc. can be stored properly and systematically.
  4. Retrieval helps to get any information related to employee, payroll, compliance, recruitment etc.  with ease.

HRIS should be compliant of

  • Operating HR operations more effectively and efficiently. 
  • Should be easy to implement.
  • Modules should be user friendly.
  • Provide accuracy and eliminate the duplication of work.
  • Employee Self-service wherein employees can key-in their personal data on their own.
  • Work-flow facility that provides platform for online approval process to happen. This facility helps to achieve the concept of paperless office.
  • Availability of online Organisation chart.
  • Employee growth details available on a click.
  • Training needs and records of employees.
  • Top Management to have easy access to various MIS.
  • Company related achievements and important events.
  • HR policies and processes can be shared.

Does HRIS improves the efficiency and effectiveness of HR function
There is no second thought about improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness in HR function by use of HRIS. A small instance clears all the doubts in this regard.

Area of Operation
Time Office
An organization having 200 employees working in different shifts has to ensure correct and accurate attendance and leave management.

Work methodology – Manual

An employee is dedicated to do only Time office & Leave management function since he has to perform the following actions:

  • Ensure availability of 60000 entries (200 employees x 30 days) in a month of 30 days.
  • To check 60000 entries to identify the employees whose attendance are not in line with rules to in time, out time, late coming, early going etc.
  • To inform employees about the queries and their rectification.
  • Employee to get their query resolved and authorized by HOD, if required.
  • Upkeep of leave records of each employee.
  • Each employee to keep track of their leave records.
  • Maintenance of records in various registers.

Work methodology – HRIS
An employee can handle various activities alongwith Time Office & Leave management function since the work happens in the following way:

  • system stores and ensures availability of 60000 entries in a month of 30 days.
  • System identifies and gives the names of employees whose attendance entry are not in line with rules to in-time, out-time, late coming, early going etc.
  • Respective employees can watch their day to day entries in their login and get the rectification done for their queires duly authorized by the HOD, if required.
  • Leave records are maintained by system and employees can track their details online through their login id’s.
  • System maintains and gives updated records as and when required.

Automation has helped large size organization to upkeep their HR function in line but HRIS has proved to be a boon for any size of Organization to keep their HR operations effective and efficient. Moreover, HRIS has given a technology edge to employees to develop themselves in other domains of HR function.

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