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Poka Yoke Lean Manufacturing

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Looking at the volatile market scenario, global competitiveness of the products and services is the key to success of any organization. Industries and organization have been implementing the Lean manufacturing culture to benefit productivity. Lean manufacturing is globally recognized as a comprehensive approach to improve competitiveness by enhancing customer value through elimination of waste. Poka Yoke is one such system that also as at time stated as Mistakes proofing, or a technique of Error proofing

Poka Yoke (Mistake-Proofing) is one of the most effective waste elimination tools used to establish Lean Manufacturing in any organization. It is a way to produce the products that have zero defects by catching and fixing human mistakes and machine errors before they can cause defects. Poka -Yoke is based on the Zero Quality Control (ZQC), which means a quality control system that ensures zero defects.

Poka -Yoke can be applied in every kind of manufacturing, service and office processes by understanding the concepts of value, waste, zero defects, zero quality control and Lean. The workshop is designed to create basic awareness, provide comprehensive understanding and develop implementation skills in participants to improve the degree of perfection of their processes with practically no capital investment.

Poka-yoke Concept

  • Importance of Poka-yoke
  • How Poka-yoke is Part of Kaizen Activity
  • History of Poka-yoke   
  • Poka-yoke Approach
  • Poka-yoke 10 steps of Implementation
  • Human Tendency & Poka-yoke
  • Examples Of Poka-yoke
  • How to build Poka-yoke Culture

Understanding Poka Yoke and some terminoligies that explains Poka Yoke

  • The Histogram
  • The Fishbone Diagram (Cause & Effect Diagram)
  • The Scatter Diagrams
  • The Control Charts

Awareness of Poka Yoke among the various level of the MIS structure of the industry can always benefit the organization, in totality. Some of the the levels of the individual working in any organization who should be aware of this can be Manufacturing Managers, Production Managers, Materials and Purchase Managers, Managers from Customer care, QA Dept, Deputy Manager, Asst Manager, Executives involved in manufacturing proces

There are various consultant and trainers in the market who are conducting various training for POKE YOKE in Industries. These are lean manufacturing consultants who discuss various likely potential errors like safety errors / assembling errors / processing omissions / packaging errors / labeling errors / inspection errors, etc. These are the major area of concern in any industries. Over coming such limitation and always help and industry or the complete organization to enhance efficiency result ins higher productivity with impressive bottom line of the balance sheet

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