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Manufacturing Techniques for Tube mill / Section Mill Rolls

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Designing  This is the inception stage in which the design of the tube mill rolls is developed. The designing of the rolls are generally performed using a high end software like Copra Software for an accurate quick and designing of the rolls for tube mills and section mill rolls

Cutting Raw Material The raw material for the rolling mill rolls is taken 8 to 16 mm plus in diameter over final size so that all forging defects on O.D. are machined out. Margin on width is kept 8 to 12 mm. For and efficient cutting and sawing operation of the rolls it is suggested that double Column band saw machine is used for accuracy to be achieved in cutting the rolls.

Blanking Cut piece is held in a chuck and partial O.D., I.D. and one face are machined in one setting so that bore and face are perpendicular to each other. Keyway is cut on sturdy slotter, wherever required.

Rough Profiling Rough profiling is done on advance lathe machine or CNC machines backed by skilled and experiance technical staff.

Heat Treating, Quenching & Tempering Hardening temperature depends upon chemical composition. Rolls are hardened in salt bath. After soaking adequately, rolls are quenched in quenching oil and then tempered. Rolls are double tempered for uniform structure. After cleaning, hardness is checked atleast at three places in every roll.

Thickness Grinding Rolls are ground on thickness from both sides and their thickness is checked by micrometer. Material is removed equally from both sides.

Bore Grinding Roll's face outness is set within 10 microns and then bore grinding is done on internal bore grinding machine.

Final Profile This is the most important operation. Roll is mounted on mandrel which should be tight. Final profile is made within 10 microns accuracy using ceramic inserts on CNC Lathe.

Inspection To ensure that a top quality tube mill / section mill rolls is shipped to customers for the rolling mill rolls strngent inspection test and test certificated should be issued. Wire EDM templates, made out of Stainless Steel, are used as per customer requirement.

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