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Here's Why Groupware Solution Is Better Than Conventional Mailing Solution

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Conventional mailing solution is nothing but a mail-in mail-out solution. Nothing much beyond this can be done. Conventional mailing solutions have a huge limitation in Corporate environment where productivity counts. GroupwareSolution.net offers groupware solution which has all the bells and whistles needed in a corporate environment. Few of the features of the service offered are:

  1. Refresh Less AJAX WEBMAIL: Offers you keyboard navigation & shortcuts, drag-and-drop, "Live" email list view, frequent folders, email filters, out-of-office messages, individual Blacklist / White lists. Refresh-less AJAX based interface avoids reloading of page on every user action. True desktop like experience.

  2. Mobile WEBMAIL Interface: When the WEBMAIL interface is accessed by a mobile device then the user is automatically redirected to a very lightweight interface which is only for mobile devices. This conserves bandwidth, data exchange costs as billed by the mobile operator which is normally based on total data exchange.

  3. Ultra Storage Technology: This involves de-duplication which allows lower server side storage requirements. For example say a 1 MB ail is sent to 100recipients on server. Only 1 MB space is needed for the mails shown in Inbox of all recipients and 1 MB space needed for the sender if the sender is local. So this effectively means just 2 B space used on server storage as compared to 101 MB for conventional servers or even MS Exchange where there is no De-Duplication feature. This only adds on to long term savings on Storage Space requirement. While doing a PCC with MS Exchange based platform no one ever takes this into considerations only to end up paying more and more when compared to our platform.

  4. Binary Data Storage:  All the data store containing mails, user configuration data is stored in non human readable BINARY format. So this offers highest level of security and confidentiality as far as data is concerned.

  5. Native Connectivity With Outlook: Communicate and collaborate using MS Outlook, while taking full advantage of calendaring & collaboration - via our MAPI Outlook Connector (including offline work, advanced search & filters etc). This is available only on two latest version of windows and on two latest version of outlook only. Not available for outlook express or outlook 2003.

  6. Other POP/IMAP Clients Connectivity: Alternatively, send & receive emails from many other popular POP3 / IMAP email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail etc.

  7. Schedule Meetings & Organize Tasks: Organize your business with effective time-management tools such as personal & public calendars, tasks & notes, available from WebMail, MS Outlook & iCal (Webcal) compatible clients.

    Assign dedicated public folders for your teams & allow them to view your availability (Free / Busy) status.

  8. Share & Delegate:  Share personal email & calendar folders, contacts, appointments & tasks with co-workers. Reserve common company resources, such as meeting rooms & projectors.

    Delegate calendar / message replies - when out of the office, allow a replacement to confirm meetings, read & send emails in your name.

  9. Multi Layer Security AT Server Level:

    The Server software guarantees secure reception, transit & delivery of email. Protect your confidential data with an extensive set of defensive tools, including:

    • Authentication & Encryption
    • Multi-layer Access Control (firewall-like rules)
    • SPF & Domain Keys Compliance
    • Blacklisting / White listing / Grey listing
    • Country Filtering, DNS Checks & Blacklists
    • Identity Confirmation System
    • Message Acceptance / Sending Policies
    • Anti-Impersonation & Password Expiration Policies

      For multi tenant servers, we will do all possible custom requirements as and when they come from from client admin on ongoing basis as on shared server these controls are not available with the domain administrator.
  10. Antivirus & AntiSpam Integration: Standard ClamAV & SpamAssassin defensive tools are integrated by default. For single tenant server clients, there are additional optional commercial add ons which can be integrated.

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