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Lean Implementation Work shops on How-to implements Lean Manufacturing?

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In the current business scenario, every company is striving for survival or growth. To attain the growth vision, your products must be globally competitive. Lean Manufacturing evolved at Toyota Motor Corporation, is globally recognized as the most effective approach to enhance global competitiveness and business growth.

Lean manufacturing is a performance-based strategy for maximizing customer value by elimination of waste, while improving profitable growth of the organization. For the lean manufacturers, waste is the sole enemy. The goal of lean is “to create value for the customer and wealth for the organization by elimination of waste”.

Many corporate managers conceptually understand basic principles of Lean Manufacturing and might have learned some tools also, but not able to implement at organizational level.

Lean implementation requires a practical hands-on approach to implement it at “Value Stream level”. This workshop is especially designed to provide step-by-step approach to implement Lean Manufacturing in the industrial organizations. Hands-on workshop developed by a team of highly experienced Lean consultants trained in Toyota Motors Japan and implemented lean manufacturing in more than 50 small, medium and large enterprises. 

Objectives of Lean Manufacturing  Implementation Workshops

To develop step-by-step “do-how” skill for implementation of Lean Manufacturing in any industrial organization. At the end of program participants will be clear about:

  • How to begin Lean implementation in the company?
  • How to select a pilot value stream for Lean implementation?
  • How to diagnose lean projects for implementation?
  • How to make the processes Lean by project implementation?
  • How to manage Lean Transformation?

Professional that can opt for Lean Manufacturing Implementation Workshops

  1. Change Agents, Business  Excellence & Quality Professionals
  2. Senior & Middle management professionals of Business organizations
  3. Divisional & functional heads
  4. Operations Managers
  5. Maintenance  Manager
  6. , Production planning Managers
  7. TQM, Materials Management, Supply Chain professionals
  8. & other related functional heads in any business. from various background

Lean Manufacturing Implementation Worshop Contents

Lean Implementation Strategy Lean Implementation Steps
  1. An over view of Lean Manufacturing
  2. Lean Principles
  3. How to put Lean principles into practice
  4. Lean Tools
  5. Lean implementation strategy
  6. Step-by-step approach to implement Lean
  1. How to select a pilot value stream?
  2. How to detect wastes in value stream?
  3. How to develop value stream improvement plan?
  4. How to manage Lean improvement projects?
  5. How to establish Lean Management System?
  6. Case study & Exercises

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