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Chocolate Shop Franchise In India

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Chocolate Shop Franchise In India

Chocolate market is one of the booming market in India. The chocolate shop franchisee business is one of the most lucrative businesses that provides good return of Investment. This business does not need a major investments or what can be termed as NON-refundable deposits. Though many branded chocolate manufacturers in India appoint CnF agents and Distributors that requires hefty deposits at times adjusted with stocks. The Chocolate franchise opportunities In India may still be in sun rise business opportunities, but this has a mammoth potential in times ahead.

Modules Chocolate Shop Franchise Business in India

With chocolate shop franchisee business modules, the franchise is provided with wide range of chocolate brands. This can increase the footprints in the shop for chocolate lovers as the chocolate shops maintain a wide portfolio of chocolates. The Chocolate portfolio mainly is categorized as Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolates though there can be huge categorization. The various Modules Chocolate Shop Franchise Business can be ass follows

  • Complete Floor Space for Choclate Shop
  • Partial Floor Space for Choclate Shop

Gourmet chocolate (also known as premium, prestige, or luxury chocolate) is the fastest growing segment of the chocolate industry, with sales increasing at double-digit rates every year for the past seven years. Gourmet chocolates often are imported or handcrafted (also known as artisan chocolates), and consumers are willing to pay more to enjoy this “everyday indulgence.”

There are many benefits to opening your own gourmet chocolate business. When you open a gourmet chocolate shop franchise business you will have a shop that is exciting and festive. You will be surrounded by high quality merchandise, artfully displayed, with customers eagerly exploring your store.

When become a gourmet chocolate shop franchisee, you will have insider information about the latest trends and most sought after chocolates.

The chocolate shop franchisee business can be opted for various types of chocolates that are in demand by various chocolates lovers.

The chocolate shop franchise are generally provided with chocolate of following types

  • Organic Chocolates
  • Exotic Flavored Chocolates
  • Chocolates With Health Benefits
  • High Cacao Content Chocolate
  • Fair Trade Chocolates
  • Imported Truffles
  • Single Origin Chocolates
  • Hand-Crafted
  • Chocolate barks
  • Gourmet nuts
  • Flavored Cocoa mixes
  • and many more

Market Share for Various categories of Chocolate In India

75% 9%

Journey Ahead

The chocolate business in India had gained momentum and market analysts and research companies anticipate this growth momentum to continue for next few years. The chocolate market is anticipated to attain a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 16% from 2015 to 2016 and is valued at INR 122 Billion(~USD 2,033 Million). The anticipated growth is twice as the market size in FY-2014 that was valued at INR 58 Billion (~USD 966 Million).

Tailwinds For Chocolate Marcket.

The changing lifestyle and the rising gift trends with higher disposable income has been one of the key factors of the growth of chocolate industry in past few years and will continue to propel growth in future.

New flavors are being continuously being introduced in the market provide a wider choice for chocolate lovers with sensitive taste buds. Furthermore the packaging quality and the presentation of chocolate has been providing a higher impact on the growth of the chocolate market.

Chocolate Manufacturers are allocating heavier budget for various cold chain facilities nationwide.

More and more franchise outlets are being established to attain a deeper penetration of the chocolate industry market.


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