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Is Social Media Marketing a Waste of Time For Entrepreneurs

Social Media Marketing a Waste of Time,Social Media Marketing a Waste of Time For Entrepreneurs

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Is Social Media Marketing a Waste of Time For Entrepreneurs

While many web marketing companies and consultants are conducting and convincing the business house for a social media marketing, does it really has an impact on the business is a point that leads to an endless debate. Some facts collected by research companies and date on internet at times does reveal that this may not have as much impact as convinced by the social media marketing companies,
As per the information available on internet a startup companies or small business houses spend around 6 to 10 productive hours in a week for social media promotion and this could be a waste of time based on some factual study by market research companies and surveys conducted in U.K
As per this research conducted among one thousand business owners, around 75% of them revealed that they had no evidence of any positive impact from the social media marketing strategy.
Furthermore various other social media platform like Youtube and Facebook swank with over 1 billion monthly user for each, but marketing activities that could have provided anticipated tailwinds to revenue or brand establishments was not noticeable among 62% of the responded, who said they were uncertain, disagreed or strongly disagreed that social media had been effective for their business. The remaining 38% said promoting their business on Facebook or Twitter had been beneficial to their business, according to media consultancy Deal With The Media, which commissioned the survey.

Tessa Killingbeck, owner of Norwich-based greetings card company spend two years of posting to various social media websites had resulted in almost no new sales.  She quoted “I used to spend a long time creating exciting, eye-catching posts for daily reach. But while people may like a picture, it will not translate in a sale or even a click to my website,”

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