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Coco Cola To Launch Alcohol Drink

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Coco Cola To Launch Alcohol Drink

The softdring giant coco coal now have plans to shift its business paradign and tap the alcohol drinks market, a change in 130-year-old tradition of Coca-Cola.This Japanese drink, which is called Chu-Hi a canned drink (Barley and Potato FermentedDrink), will be similar to that which is made of distilled Japanese drinks.

The interesting thing is that Coca-Cola Company's intention was to patent the drug, which was discovered by John Pemberton in the 19th century. Even today this known beverage is considered a trade secret. AS we all are aware that coke products are sold in nearly 200 countries and according to one estimate, approximately 1.8 billion people drink coco cola every day.

Particularly billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who holds a large stake in the firm through his firm Berkshire Hathaway, is also a consumer of this beverage. In the annual Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, Warren Buffett joked with his colleagues that it is possible that his body is made up of one fourth of coke. Buffett said that he gets 750 calories a day from Coca-Cola, which means that he consumes 5 cans of coke in the day. 

The first alcoholic drink to be launched in 130 years: Coke has provided a number of variants of diet coke from time to time during the past few years. It includes caffeine free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Cherry etc. This is happening for the first time when Coca Cola will present an alcoholic drink in its 130-year history. It is believed that this will be a different thing in Coca-Cola's history.

This beverage, made on the basis of Chu-Hi itself, will be for Japan only: Coca-Cola is currently working on alcoholic beverages only, which will be made of Japanese drinks, water, and spices. According to the company's website, this drink will be launched only for Japan. George Gordonon, business head of Coca-Cola Japan, said that it is a small experiment in the coke market.

George Gordonon says that Coke is now trying to experiment outside of its major areas of non-alcoholic beverages. He said that we have already worked in the low-alcohol category, but this is an example which tells us that we are also looking for new possibilities.

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