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Paithani Sarees: Handicraft Silk Sarees

Paithani Saree manufacturers in India are eyeing the online Paithani Saree market. The Paithani Saree manufacturers are now deploying eCommerce website for the paithani sarees and showcasing the latest designs of paithani saris online. The eCommerce growth have also provided tailwinds to paithani silk saris for a deeper market penetrations. The paithani saree manufacturers are mainly from Yeola a small city in Nashik District. The Paithani saree manufacturers in Yeola are also supported with paithani saris clusters and various schemes offered in the cluster, by the state and central government in India.

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Paithani Silk Sarees Manufacturers In India Paithani Silk Sarees Manufacturers In India

Paithani Sarees, is an another handicraft silk sarees that is now becoming hot favorite of celebreties warddrobe in India.  Paithani silk sarees are for Ladies who prefer to be draped with elegance and opt painthani silk sarees. The rich history of India’s ethnic tradition has evolved over the centuries offering a legacy of Indian culture promising everything – beauty, dignity, form and style.Yeola a small city in Maharashtra (India) that is known for paithani silk and handcrafted Painthani Silk Sarees manufacturers in India. Fut=rther more the online market of the garment business has provided tailwind to the paithani sarees manufacturers in India.

The manufacturers in the small city of Yeola in Nashik District, churns hand crafted paithani sarees and numberous draping styles all hand crafted by workmanship providing wide range of colours, designs and types of fabric can leave a sari shopper bewildered.The region of yeola is flooded with small, average and big manufacturers of Paithani Silk and cater to the paithani silk saree market nation wide and also some have global footprints some of the paithani silk saree manufacturers have also established a  brand and companies manufacturing and selling saris under thier respcetive brand names for paithani silk.

The textile industry has two broad segments. First, the unorganised sector consists of handloom, handicrafts and sericulture, which are operated on a small scale and through traditional tools and methods. The second is the organised sector consisting of spinning, apparel and garments segment which apply modern machinery and techniques such as economies of scale. Garments manufactured as Paithani Silk, mainly Paithani Sarees,fall in the first category,

The state government of Maharashtra backed by center have also deployed a cluster for Paithani Silk Saree manufacturers to provide then exposure and various supports to the individual and beginers in the market of paithani silk sarees in India

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