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Diabetes Management Can Be Based On Diet, Dlife.in Proves It

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Diabetes Management Can Be Based On Diet, Dlife.in Proves It

The cost of diabetes treatment in India at times can shake the monthly budget of an individual. Not just the cost of treatment of diabetes, but various diabetes medicines that are precribed by the Doctor's have long term side effect. Diabetic patients complain of weak eyesight and also kidney issue. Most diabetic patients in a longer run they have kidney problem. Sustained use of diabetic medicine and intake of insuline does have impact on kidney. So its bery often that diabetic patients who are on diabetic medine jouney end up havind kindney treaments adding more injury to pain, main cause are diabetes medicines, despite the use of which one still fails to land non diabetic numbers. Don;t go by what the mainstream assoications and doctors say about what is normal blood sugar. A1C of anything greater than 5.6 iis BAD FOR YOU! 

The plight of a diabetic iis a never ending saga. It starts with Metformin, then come the sulphonylurea drugs, followed by expensive gliptins and finally Insulin. Not just this, medications for Cholesterol, hypertension, diabetic neuropathy etc etc just follow. However, all this can be avoided or minimsed by just changing diet. But, no mainstream practitioner is ever going to tell you this because they are progarmmed to sell medications, insulin. And, this has been proved through 100's of success stories on forum/site "founded by Indian diabetic for Indian diiabetics"  across the globe.

An online diabetic forum DLIFE.IN, is founded by an IITian and a Diabetic for Indian diabetics around the globe. The forum is mainly creating an awareness among Indian diabetics around the globe the benefits of LCHF diet and how to change lifestyle centered around that to land non diabetic numbers wiith minimal or zero dependance on medications. DLIFE.IN subscribers have been religously sticking to LCHF INDIAN DIET that has helped them to fight diabetes and reduce intake of diabetic medicines. 

The subscription cost is a meagre amount of Rs 1500 per year, workiing out to less than cost of a cup of tea per day. Following the suggestions, diabetics have gone off upto 70 units insulin per day, many have gone off hypertension drugs and drugs for Cholesterol.

The success of the forum can be guaged by the fact that one R P Goenka Media hose magazine interviewed the founder and also many diabetics on the forum and then published am article in theiir print and online magazine - The Open Magazine. 



About DLIFE.IN: Dlife.in is an online health awareness forum that provides exhaustive resources and threads that can enable a person to fight Metabolic Disroders emnating out of insulin resistance like diabetese, Obesity, PCOS to name a few. DLIFE.IN has been creating awareness among the diabetes patients how to control diabetes by following LCHF DIET. many of the   subscribers who have followed the LCHF Diets as discussed on DLIFE.IN have shared their personal experience how they have controlled diabetes ever since they joined DLIFE.IN.

Going off insulin, reducing medications and yet achiieving A1C of 5.6 or lower has been made easy. And, doing this through Indian way of LCHF diet.

One can also find dLife LCHF Diet Plans and various LCHF Indian Diet Recipes that has helped the subscribers to defeat diabetes. Weight loss iis a cakewalk with many having lost anywhere between 5Kg to 25 Kg weight without counting calories and without starving. Eat to satiety and yet lose weight iis the Mantra on dLife.in. One of the success stories was also published on international site -- Diet Doctor

So, if you are an Indian Diabetic, struggling with how to get non diabetic numbers (A1C of 5.6 max) then it's time to join dLife.in The cost of medicines reduced will more than payback for the meagre annual subscription cost of Rs 1500 or US $ 24.95 per year. The moderating team is very supportive and active and helps each and every member with whatever questions that they may have.

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