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Scientists Developed Mini-Tumor In Laboratory To Fight Cancer

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Scientists Developed Mini-Tumor In Laboratory To Fight Cancer

London: Scientists are constantly trying to find better treatment for cancer. To a great extent, they have been successful, but still they are engaged in finding the most effective treatment. If there is such an option before their treatment, then they can find out how effective the treatment they are going to give to the patient will prove to be effective.Now this success path has been explored by the scientists. In fact, scientists have succeeded in making mini-versions of tumors that occur in patients in the laboratory. Using dozens of drugs on this, an attempt was made to find the most effective treatment.

According to a study published in journal Science, researchers treated small tumors developed in the laboratory with many medicines.In this, they tried to see what kind of treatment is most likely to provide treatment to the patients.  The study revealed that a drug used displayed posittive results in nine out of 10 cases, worked in reducing the tumor of patients

The team of scientist headed by Nicola Valeri does say, at the moment, this technique needs to be tested at a large scale, but it is expected that if this technique is to be tested by the criterion of testing then we should know before treating someone Which medicine would should be prescribed? This wayt a patient will get better treatment if they knows how to treat the cancer. This will increase the chances of getting them healthy. Scientists named this mini tumor as organoids. These are small balls of cancer cells, which can be increased in the laboratory.

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Under the leadership of scientists of the UK's The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), this research was done with intestinal, stomach and other types of cancers related to digestive tract. Scientists believe that by developing cancer cells in laboratory,it would be easy to find out how they are formed within the body. This can help in doing simulation test on the organoid, rather than on the patients. This will also enable to find the correct medicine to be prescribed.


This research can provide great help to doctors and patients. Doctors can now know which medicine to be prescribe to the patients that will have a +ve impact in reducing the cancer tumor. Furthermore the medicines that can provide side affect can also be avoided, with this research. 

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