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Dlife.in-Online Health Forum For Diabetes

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 DLife.in is a service pertaining to healthcare and wellness segment. Caters to diatebtic patients using an online forum for diabetics, one of the largest and fastest growing online diabetic forum in India, with global acceptance. This online Health Forum for Diabetics was set on launching pad by Mr Anup Singh in 2014. . dLife.in (dLife Healthcare Foundation) is India’s is oldest, largest and the only award-winning low-carb platform. Founder Anup Singh ( IIT Graduate and Silver Medallist) was awarded with Icon of India Award for his achievements on dlife.in and serving the society for healthy life. Award was given by one of the Leading Media house in India (OUTLOOK GROUP).Mr Anup Singh, himself a diabetic came out with a diet plans to consume 100 gms carb / Day. This was based over his personal experience and being an engineer it was backed by his scientific of body chemistry.

This online health forum steers patient suffering from diabetes, obesity,PCOS and metabolic disorders to reverse diabetic and attain proactive life. It provides guidance to diabetese patients with tailwind to reverse diabetes by change in Life Style, Mainly pivots around LCHF ( Low carb High Fat) Diets. Over the years, popularity and awareness of Dlife.in grew grew manifolds. Service became paid service for providing online and one on one support to diabetics and individuals variois metabolic disorders, by leading dieticians and metabolic professionals.

Dlife, now also has and offshoot that provides education.  It provides online Diploma and Certficate courses. Ever since the lauch of this education program in past two years over 100+ individual from diversified professional background registered and successfull completed the diploma course.

website Dlife.in hosts numerous success stories of the paid members of dlife.in for reversing diabetes under guidance by team of dlife.in dieticians.

Dlife.in Content Analytics

  • 3000+ combined success Stories
  • 1200+ original low-carb/keto/carnivore recipes
  • 9 years of curated data
  • 100+ Professional Registered and successfully completed the Online Diploma course
dLife.in platform has been reviewed by global stalwarts like Dr Gary Fettke, Dr David Unwin, Dr David Diamond and Prof Tim Noakes and lauded for its exhaustive and world-class content.

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