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Vladimir Putin Claims Six Russian Missiles As Most Advance in The World

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Vladimir Putin Claims Six Russian Missiles As Most Advance in The World

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a Russian weapon sample in Moscow. In his annual address to Russia's Parliament, President Putin demonstrated these powerful weapons as that can never be defeated

According to reports, these weapons include missiles from island to island, hyper-cyan rocket and laser beam weapons. In his address, Putin has made these weapons 'answer to the violation of the United States Defense Treaty'.

He informaed and displayed mainly six weapons despite having a ong list of weapon. while addressing, he said that "no one has such a weapon in the world" so far and it is 'most advance'. His statement recalled the controversial time of the Cold War era. Although confirming the existence of these weapons in Moscow, is still to be confirmed.

Russia's Most Powerful and Excellent Six Weapons

1. Ceramic - Missile missile from island to island. It is also called satin 2. Sermat has been presented in place of the Soviet era Voovida missile. It is capable of hitting in a short time. It is difficult to stop it under the missile defense system.

2. Unlimited range cruise missile - its name is not fixed yet. According to President Putin, this is a new kind of missile, which does not kill like ballistic missiles to target. It is difficult to stop the missile defense system. According to President Putin, this can kill an unlimited distance.

3. Automated nuclear missile under water - the name of this unmanned missile has not yet been decided by Russia. This can be targeted in the sea. It is faster and stronger than the submarine.

4. HyperSonic Missile Kinhz - The air-killer missile has been named by President Putin himself. It can be launched in the air and can make a more accurate target. Due to its speed it is difficult to penetrate. It is capable of targeting more than two thousand kilometers.

5. Different types of hitting hyperSonic missile Avongard - its speed is 25,000 kilometers per hour, which can easily kill from one island to another. According to President Putin, this is 'a new kind of weapon', whose test is successful. It can kill up to several thousand kilometers straight and vertically. Its surface temperature can range from 1600 to 2000 degrees Celsius.

6. Laser weapon - So far its name has not been decided. Putin said that Russia has taken significant steps to build 'laser weapons'. This weapon has been handed over to the Russian army last year. However, no evidence of this has been given.

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