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Cyber Crimes In India

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Cyber Crimes In India

Digital technology interconnects and enmesh the world economies,cultures and populations, this resulted in, what was a concept of global is is now a reality in the millinium era. India is no exception, as its ranked as second largest population of netizen the figures crossed 400 million in 2018. with the enhanced connectivity courtsey internet, has certainly leveraged growth, but just like newtons law every action has a reaction can even be applied to this growth. The various business growth mainly due to internet and also opened the digital societies to new vulnerabilities. The most common is Cyber crimes that has no boundaries in the digital world and is emerging at par with the emerging technologies.

Various reports on the cyber crimes states that Indian consumers lost over 18 billion USD as a result of cyber crimes, in 2017. In the subsequent year ,2018 over 27,000 cases of cyber crimes were offcially recorded in India. This is an increase by 121% in just last two years. The various types of cyber crimes vary from insignificant online frauds to lottery scams and sexual harrasment, but the most targeted crimes is in the banking and financial sectors.

In 2018 alone, India recorded over two thousand cases of cyber crimes related to sexual harassment and over 700 cases of cyber bullying against women and minors. Perhaps these high number of cases had led to an increased awareness about the issue of cyber bullying , and a large share of Indians felt that the responsibility for abusive behavior on social media lay with both the users as well as social media platforms.

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