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Advocatemail.com: Professional Dedicated Email Service For Lawyers

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Advocatemail.com: Professional Dedicated Email Service For Lawyers

Over the past internet has witnessed exponential growth. The growth among internet users is mainly due to reduced cost of internet, growth of smart phone users and various internet enabled hand held devices. Business is now relaying more on email services and big corporate houses and business men are now prefer a personal mail account on their business domain, to create a professional identity over the email address.

With time the email traffic has been constantly growing, gone are the days when FAX were the main correnpondacne mode for instant written communication. Email over a professional domain always creates a professional indentity over any various domain which can never carry any professional Identity. School Kid to Scientist all can have an free email account, but this can never create an professional identity with the email address.

Some of the noble professional like professional from Legal fraternity can always have a professional identity on email that with the domain name advocatemail.com. The domain name itself is self explanatory as ADVOCATE MAIL, this can always signify that a user is an estabilished ADVOCATE.

What is ADVOCATEMAIL.COM : The name itself categorically exemplifies that its a mail service for advocates. Furthermore, advocatemail.com also has a policy that until unless the user is not a individual or corporate from legal fraternity he or she cannot register on this mail services. This is one reason why advocatemail.com does not provide online registration to email users.

Incase the user of the email service is found not to be an professional from legal fraternity, the account will be deleted and also this will be the breach of privacy policy by the subscriber of email user.

The tag line of ADVOCATEMAIL.COM " Dress And Address Makes The Difference" goes with the law fraternity professional as the lawyers do have a dress code and also address code with lawyers having an office in the Court Bar Chambers. Advocatemail.com further provides them an address over email that provides a professional identity on web address "ADVOCATEMAIL"

The service cost Rs 2,000 per year, and is a feature rich email service that can provide high end calendaring and task manager that can even serve the purpose of Online Lawyer Diary with reminders of events that are stored in task manager of the email software.

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