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LawHub.in : Launches Case Law Research Platform For Law Students.

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LawHub.in : Launches Case Law Research Platform For Law Students.

LAWHUB.in launches a law research platform for law student and law professionals. The main focus of this online platform is to provide an online platform to conduct research on CASE LAWS.This course is one of the only type of online case law research programs that only focuses in depth research on Case Laws. Since Case law are the judgments or precedent delivered by the court of law it hold an important document that is regularly refereed by a lawyers practicing in a court or Paralegals in corporate and law companies. This online course will certainly benefits the law student aiming to make a career as legal research analyst and add heavy weight to their academic profile with their graduation or post graduation degree.

CASE LAW RRESEARCH : As per the programs that are launched on LawHub.in, the research on case law revolves around the data points existing in the case laws. Data Points can be Fixed or Variable. The short term certification workshops are mainly covering he FIXED DATA POINT. The various predefined attributes that can be termed as data points has to be generated by the law student or professional from the case law being researched. A user friendly interface is provided on Lawhub.in for storing the value of the fixed data points that appear in the CASE LAWS. While, the students thos who are opting for the Online Diploma Course on LawHub.in have to study and generate various elements in the judgments. This research is further drilled down as students have to generate the Variable data point that exist in each elements of the judgments.

CASE LAW ANALYTICS: It covers the legal Analytics aspect of the case laws. This is mainly covered in the diploma programs that are available on lawhub.in. The analytics are simple measures of allocating weight-age to the data points. The weight-age is allocated in term of percentage (%) associated with the variable data points in the elements of the judgments. The weight-age(%) is the value that has the impact on the final conclusion of the case law or disposition of the judgments.

Various types of case law research online courses on LAWHUB.IN

As on date short term certificate and Diploma courses are open for regitration on lawhub.in

  1. CASE LAW RESEARCH WORKSHOP : This is short term case law research certificate programs with minimum 2 days online workshops. Case law research workshop is a certificate course where the duration of the course is variable, minimum 2 days. The duration is based on total number of judgments worked on under this online short term case law research certificate programs. For a 2 Days workshop, 100 judgments are allocated for conducting research on fixed data points. Students can opt for higher number of case laws for research programs. The duration is based on 50 judgments per day. The course fees is also a variable depending on the total number of judgments opted for research work. For a 2 days workshop with 100 judgments the course fees is Rs 1500. Certificates are only provided to student who have cleared the research with minimum passing score.
  2. DIPLOMA IN CASE LAW RESEARCH & ANALYTICS. This is a 6 Months online course where a student has to do various different types of research on case laws. A Total of 500 judgments is allocated for the online diploma in Case Law Research & Analytic. The Case Law Research & Analytics. diploma is complete in three stages with each stage having various types of research work. Law analytics is introduced in the Case Law Research & Analytics diploma courses. It also covers case law elements that every student has to generate from the allocated case laws. The Law analytics is covered with the variable data points that are generated from the judgments and weight-age % allocated to it, the allocated percentage is the impact on final conclusion of the judgments


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